Ministry Group
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be part of a Church Community Group?


God did not create us to be isolated and alone.  When we confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we are baptized we join the family of God.  On Sunday mornings we gather together for worship, but we don’t always have time to build good relationship with others.  A Church Community Group gives us the opportunity to build relationships with other members of the church for encouragement, support, and service.

How do I join a Church Community Group?


The following pages list each Church Community Group by category.  Find a group that may be of interest and call the contact person.  They can tell you more about the group they lead.

How do I start my own group?


If you have an interest in starting a Church Community Group, please contact Fr. Mark.  Church Community Groups can involve just about anything (hiking, photography, painting, etc.) as long as it begins with prayer or scripture reading.  Fr. Mark would love to hear your ideas about leading a future Church Community Group.

Are there other church groups?

There are a few other groups at the church that are available either by parish vote or appointment.  These include the Vestry (Parish votes annually in January), the Finance Committee (appointed by the Rector), and the Scholarship Committee (appointed by the Rector).  If you have interest in being a part of one of these groups, please talk with Fr. Mark directly.


Are there other events that happen at the church?

There are a number of events that happen year-round that are not necessarily small groups.  They are larger gatherings and most of the church is involved in different ways.  These include Dinner and More (usually the first Wednesday of the month), Community Dinner (usually the second Friday of the month), St. Edward’s Tea (annually), St. Edward’s Rummage Sale (annually), the Parking Team (about 4 times a year) and miscellaneous Outreach Events throughout the year.  If you have interest in being a part of these general events, please call the church office.