Music Groups

Anyone who enjoys singing music or playing an instrument is welcome to join us.

Shekinah Praise Team

What:  Shekinah Praise Team is a music group that leads the church in songs twice a month and other special services.  Focusing on contemporary and Cursillo style music the group includes singers as well as musicians.

When:  Shekinah Praise Team practices every Wednesday night at 7:00 and generally leads on the second and fourth Sunday at 10:00 am worship.

Where:  Shekinah Praise Team meets for practice in the church on Wednesday.

Who:  Open to everyone with audition

Contact:  Elizabeth Maxwell


What:  The choir is a music group that leads the church in hymns focusing on traditional music  twice a month and during special services.  The group includes our organist, singers and musicians.
When:  The choir practices every Wednesday evening and leads on the 1st and 3rd  Sunday at 10:00 am

Where:  The choir meets at 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening in the music room.

Who:  Open to everyone with audition.

Contact: Chris Moore

Bell Choir

What:  The Bell Choir is a group that rings recognizable music with melodies and harmony. The bells generally include all notes of the chromatic scale within the range of the set.

When:  Sundays at 11:30 am

Where: Music Room

Who:  This is open to everyone

Contact: Chris Moore