Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups are open to all who are curious about the Bible and willing to share their views, questions, and answers with others.

Bible Study Groups

ABC – Adult Bible Conversations

What:  Adult Bible Conversation.  This is a group that studies various Biblical topics through conversation, reading and video.

When:  Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm

Where:  Hartridge Hall

Who:  Open to all adults

Contact:  Fr. Mark

Women’s Caring & Sharing

What:  A group of women studying the Bible with various Christian books while supporting each other with encouragement and prayer.

When:  Every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am

Where:  Shipes House

Who:  All women

Contact:  Chris Swim

Ladies Bible Book Club

What: A group of women studying the Bible through group discussions while enjoying a meal together. No reading preparation is necessary. Related readings will be take place during meeting time. Bring your own dinner. 

When: 1st Sunday of The Month @ 5:30 pm

Where:  Shipes House

Who: Open to all women

Contact: Tera Lafler


Worship Times & Locations

Sundays 8 am | Traditional |  In Person & Online

Sundays 10 am | Family | In Person & Online

Wednesdays 12 pm | Healing | In Person

Thursday & Saturday 8:05 pm | Compline Prayer | Online

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Our activities and services are welcome to all, so feel free to join us any time. If you prefer to plan a visit, our hospitality team is available to assist New Visitors.  

Choose a Service

St. Edward’s offers multiple service times and styles of worship including: Rite 1 (traditional), Rite 2 (family), Healing, and Evening Compline. 

Sunday School

Sunday School is in session every Sunday during the 10am service. Kids ages 4-11 gather following communion to experience God’s word in a creative, engaging manner.