Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

EYC Mount Dora is the youth group for St. Edward's Episcopal Church serving middle school and high school youth. We meet every Sunday from noon to 2pm, with lunch provided.

Building Relationships

Our weekly meetings start with (free) lunch and time to just hang out and talk, and finish with free-time to continue building relationship. Additionally, we do a variety of fun, recreational activities outside of our weekly meetings.

Bible Study

The core of our weekly meetings is our Bible study discussions. We learn how to read and study the Scriptures, and practice good study and application of the Word through group conversation. Our goal is to develop sound interpretation techniques and grow in our love for the Word of God.

Community Service

Students are encouraged to explore ways to live out their faith through a variety of ministry opportunities and community service projects. Out goal is to serve locally, and through service trips like Soul in the City (organized with other youth groups in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida).

New Post: Doom Jesus and the 4 Comfortable Words.

We just completed a study with the #EYCmountdora youth stedwardsepiscopal focusing on painting a better picture of who Jesus is and what it should mean to us.

And in this post on the St. Edward`s blog (stedwardsepiscopal.com > Ministries > Youth) I summarize what we discussed in this 4-week study.

The study was inspired by a conversation with justinholcomb... so I hope I did the conversation justice!

Go check it out... I`d love to hear what you think about it!

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I`m working on a lesson series that I`m calling "Doom Jesus and the 4 Comfortable Words," and I`m just fascinated by what`s coming up for this...

I was in a #youthministry meeting for the cfdiocese when Bishop justinholcomb visited us for a bit.

He told us about the idea of "Doom Jesus" from medieval church art (Doom Paintings), and how churches used this artwork to "encourage" good behavior by "reminding" people that only some will be allowed into Heaven and others sent to eternal damnation by a judging Jesus.

Bishop Justin shared with us that in order to combat this false picture of who Jesus is, Thomas Cramner worked in four passages into the liturgy (now Rite 1, p. 332 in the Book of Common Prayer) that show Jesus for who He really is... a loving, caring, redemptive God.

THIS is the Gospel (good news) of Jesus!

So I wanted to develop a study that dives into each of these four passages to help our youth accurately frame up how they view God in their lives. I hope it brings hope, healing, and comfort to their lives.

This pic is from St. Thomas`s Church in Salisbury.

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I had the privilege of teaching on our last night of Soul in the City, our cfdiocese Summer youth mission/service trip.

Through the week, we discussed how...

👉 you are special
👉 we are special
👉 this is special

...and tonight I encouraged them to GO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL.

We discussed the ministry of all non-ordained people in the church as written in the catechism (BCP p. 855), expanding on the ideas...

💥 bear witness wherever you may be
💥 according to the gifts you`re given
💥 doing Christ`s work of reconciliation
💥 take your place in the church

And I closed with this prayer (BCP p. 257), challenging them to leave here with this in their hearts, guiding them to go do great things (even if they`re small things) long after Soul in the City...

"O God, you have made of one blood all the peoples of the earth, and sent your blessed Son to preach peace to those who are far off and to those who are near: Grant that people everywhere may seek after you and find you, bring the nations into your fold, pour out your Spirit upon all flesh, and hasten the coming of your kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen."

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Coming soon to #mountdora... #soulinthecity2023!

The Summer cfdiocese youth mission trip is being hosted at stedwardsepiscopal, and we`re about to rock this town with service projects all across our community!

It`s gonna be #extraordinary!

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