Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

EYC Mount Dora is the youth group for St. Edward's Episcopal Church serving middle school and high school youth. We meet every Sunday from noon to 2pm, with lunch provided.

Building Relationships

Our weekly meetings start with (free) lunch and time to just hang out and talk, and finish with free-time to continue building relationship. Additionally, we do a variety of fun, recreational activities outside of our weekly meetings.

Bible Study

The core of our weekly meetings is our Bible study discussions. We learn how to read and study the Scriptures, and practice good study and application of the Word through group conversation. Our goal is to develop sound interpretation techniques and grow in our love for the Word of God.

Community Service

Students are encouraged to explore ways to live out their faith through a variety of ministry opportunities and community service projects. Out goal is to serve locally, and through service trips like Soul in the City (organized with other youth groups in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida).

Our #EYCmountdora youth group has been done for 45 minutes, but it`s 73* outside and these kids just love hanging out together... especially when there`s a volleyball involved. 🤓 🏐

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We`ve got a 3-week study with the #EYCmountdora youth starting this weekend...

IDK is an exploration of three questions we often have a difficult time answering.

- How can I know that God exists?
- Can I know the Bible is true?
- Can God be good and allow suffering?

These are important questions we must be able to deal with when talking with unbelieving friends. But even as Christians, we can tend to wrestle with them too.

So we`ll spend time discussing how we can answer these questions and truly know the answers for ourselves.

Looking forward to it... Sundays at noon in the Shipes House!

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New Post: Doom Jesus and the 4 Comfortable Words.

We just completed a study with the #EYCmountdora youth stedwardsepiscopal focusing on painting a better picture of who Jesus is and what it should mean to us.

And in this post on the St. Edward`s blog (stedwardsepiscopal.com > Ministries > Youth) I summarize what we discussed in this 4-week study.

The study was inspired by a conversation with justinholcomb... so I hope I did the conversation justice!

Go check it out... I`d love to hear what you think about it!

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